You make plans come together

Some people love it when a plan comes together. Me..? I think plans are awesome, sure, but community's totally better.

This week is a prime example of what I mean.

The Township's made a few announcements about plans they've made, plans like how Share-A-Christmas will work this year and how they're celebrating Arbor Day.

(Even before this week, they've been doing the same with plans for Recycle Day, the Senior Snow Plow Program, PC's for People, and more, all of which you can learn about through their News Flash page.)

Then, there are plans to celebrate the official Grand Opening of the amazing new bakery in town, Cardinal Cakes and Coffee, with a Ribbon Cutting on Saturday morning (excellent excuse for a cupcake breakfast...).

Plans were absolutely involved in all of these things, but you know what? It takes the community coming together and participating to make those plans a success.

Personally, I'm grateful for those who make the plans and I look forward to making them come together with you!

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Tuesday, September 15

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