You Coulda Had a T-Shirt

Well, my friends, we all missed it. There was a date mistake in last week's newsletter.

You can try to spot the difference on your own now by comparing the email that went out to inboxes to the corrected newsletter posted on the Loop website, or you can scroll down to the very bottom of this email for the spoilers.

It wasn't an exciting mistake and I'm sure you're all smart cookies who woulda figured it out if you noticed, but here's the thing...

Did you know you can get a FREE T-SHIRT that says #proofimareader on the back simply by being the first to let me know I goofed?

Maybe you didn't know. We do have a whole lot of newbies around here since the last time I goofed. That was way back in May when our friend Dave (pictured below, right) caught a directional error. Before that, I had a tough October in 2020 with not one... not two... but THREE weeks in a row of goofs.

I don't know where my head was at. But, hey, my mistakes were their gains!

And now you know if you didn't before, or have been reminded if you did know but forgot, and you can all keep a closer eye on what I'm typing up and putting out there.

Because you never know what you'll learn, or what you'll earn!

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