Who’s ready for a challenge?

Arbor Day is this Friday, April 24th, and Copley Township has issued you a week of challenges to celebrate!

Monday - Ok, so this was yesterday, but it's an easy one to make up. Simply read the poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer! You can find that poem (along with a couple others) by clicking here.

Tuesday - It may be a bit late in the day (or possibly the week) by the time you read this, but still... post your tree-related questions on the Copley Township Facebook page for their expert Arborist Clarissa Hunt. Of course, even if it is a bit late in the day (or possibly the week), it's never too late to google!

Wednesday - Take a picture of a tree in your neighborhood and post it on the Copley Township Facebook page.

Thursday - Play or sing Trees for America. You can find the sheet music by clicking here (those who don't read sheet music can click here to listen and learn from John Denver).

Friday - Happy Arbor Day! Go outside, enjoy the many benefits our trees have to offer. Can’t find a tree in your neighborhood? Let us know, we can help! In the meantime, click here to take a virtual tour of our own Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Plus: Around the Township

And how 'bout a few more highlights of happenings:

  • Your chances of finding eggs at the Jacobs Heritage Farm stand just got even better thanks to the J. Parker Cattle Co.! They join Red Bird Run an effort to keep the stand stocked with your daily dozen.
  • Well, we knew it was coming... This weekend is the official final weekend for Weitzel's Whimseys Apiary & Gardens before Michele makes her way down to Georgia. If you can't stop by for some in-person (but spacially-distant) support, give her a shoutout online and let her know she'll be missed!
  • The Copley Outreach Center thanks everyone for their generous donations, both in-person and on their GoFundMe page (where they're now just shy of $6000)!
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