What do you know?

When it comes to creative endeavors in Copley Township, we generally focus on the present and future tenses.

Which makes sense - have you seen our current member list?! That's a pretty creative bunch right there, that is. And the list of happenings below is full of fun creative outlets.

But today, I have a question about Copley's creative past: What do you know?

Me? I know about the Akron Art Museum's Inside|Out installations. And thanks to the Canton Museum of Art, I heard about Arden Riddle, a master of mid-century modern furniture who had his shop in Copley. And I'm working on getting the canvases from Heritage Day's community art project weatherproofed so the piece can be assembled, mounted, and installed.

But I was recently asked if I'd ever heard about a pottery company that opened in Copley, Ohio, in the mid-1940s called Copley Clay Works, and I had to say that I had not!

So please consider this an open call for information.

If you know anything about Copley Clay Works (or Arden Riddle or any other creative connection to the community either while we're at it), please comment, call, direct message, or email at any time.

Who knows, by sharing what you know of the past, you might just inspire something else fun in the future!

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