Welcome Renaissance to The Loop!

Have you noticed the diversity of our Loop members? It's such a beautiful thing and it just keeps getting better!

After all, each new member means more variety, and each introduction gives you the opportunity to learn about that variety and the really cool businesses that are right in your own back yard.

Our newest member, Renaissance of Richfield, is the perfect example!

Since 2016, the Renaissance of Richfield has been a hidden gem in the area offering its members homemade organic food, an advanced medical care model, and fun unique socialization activities.

Really cool, right?

Well, even cooler is that whether you need to learn more about them now or just want to learn more for later, you can always find out how to learn more because they're in The Loop!

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Plus: Events and Destinations

The calendar may look a little calmer this week but that doesn't mean there's not still plenty to do!

Tonight, you can enjoy wine while supporting a good cause and tomorrow, you can support your community by planning its celebration.

Thursday, you can experience a personal reading and on Friday, you can play with canvas and clay.

And any time you like, you can check in on our Destinations, just for fun and to see what you'll see!

But no matter what you do, remember to post using #loopincopley and help us keep everyone #intheloop!

This week:
Tuesday, October 15

  • Yappy Hour from 5:00 - 8:00 at The Winery at Wolf Creek

Wednesday, October 16

Thursday, October 17

Saturday, October 19

Next week:

Monday, October 21

Tuesday, October 22

  • Yappy Hour from 5:00 - 8:00 at The Winery at Wolf Creek

Wednesday, October 23

Saturday, October 26

Sunday, October 27

Plus...Monday, October 28

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