Welcome, New Friends!

There's been some extra tagging and sharing of The Loop happening on the socials lately and with that has come some extra new friends, so let's just take a quick moment to say "Welcome, new friends"!

If you're new here (and even if you're not, really) and still trying to wrap your head around The Loop and what it actually is, the short description is just one word: community. ❤

The longer description is that The Loop is a website, social media, and weekly newsletter campaign from Copley Creative Solutions that aims to keep you "in the Loop" about cool things happening in and around the township. This work is supported by the local businesses and organizations that graciously become the members we know and love.

Members like UpWard Web Svcs, who happen to be doing a little behind-the-scenes work on the website starting at 12:00 PM on Thursday which may take a day or so - if you happen to click by the site during that time, rest assured it's only temporary so be sure and click back again soon!

Meanwhile, to all of those who have been tagging and sharing, thank you so much for your help in growing The Loop. And to those who've recently jumped in, we're glad you're here and we look forward to seeing you around!

Plus: Ways to Wellness

And speaking of members we know and love... We've got a couple of them doing some cool things you can appreciate anywhere, anytime, and both are aimed at helping you and your loved ones live your best lives.

First, there's Brookdale Montrose who has a new webcast series, In the Know, "where we feature discussions on different topics to help seniors, families and Brookdale residents live well and age well. Plus, you can ask questions and get answers from our experts." Click here to learn more and to register. Their first event is Thursday and the topic is Together Through Technology (that key tool for keeping in touch!).

Then, there's Alleviant Health Centers who went and started their own TV show on WCTV! There are five episodes so far, including one entitled Strategies for Resilience (something we probably all need to tap into right now). Many people struggle with mental health every day but it's even tougher with the current ways of the world. These episodes can be a valuable and easily-accessible resource for anyone needing help.

And goodness knows we all need a little help sometimes. May we all find what we need right when we need it most!

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Do you have a business or work with an organization that should be in The Loop? We'd love to have you! Click here for membership information and contact Allison Chrien at allison@erins20.sg-host.com to get the ball rolling.

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