This week, in Copley…

What can you do?

You can perform at an Open Mic Night, or you can sit back and enjoy listening to someone else perform.

You can get to know the local movers and shakers, or you can join in and be one yourself.

You can take some time away to revel in your own quality creative time, or you can take the kids to revel in theirs while you shop.

Or you can go off-calendar and simply explore the township to see what you can find! We'll even provide the map.

Whatever you do, remember to think small, support local, and help us keep the character of Copley!

This week:

Tuesday, March 12

Thursday, March 14

Saturday, March 16

Next week:

Monday, March 18

Wednesday, March 20

Thursday, March 21

Saturday, March 23

Plus...Monday, March 25

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