The Theme of the Week: Challenges 

There's a theme to this week's new members and I promise you it wasn't planned, it just happened to work out that way...

The theme is "challenges" for all!

Please help us welcome Challenge Island of Summit-Medina (it's in the name) and T and C Fitness (who's holding a #FitFundraiser Challenge in December!).

And the funny thing is, you might think one is all for the kids and the other is all for the adults but, really, they're both good for everyone.

Take Challenge Island, for instance. Sure, their main focus is providing STEM and STEAM programs designed for kids. We're talking after-school enrichment, in-school field trips, girl scout workshops, and camps of all sorts that will have them working in teams to tackle challenges and develop important skills. But you know what..?

They also offer party packages to help you make those birthday party plans come together, as well as corporate "STEAMbuilding" to help you make those office mates do the same!

Then, there's T and C Fitness. They're sisters, Tiffany and Christie, with an online fitness company that aims to meet you where you are to help you create a healthier lifestyle. And, yes, the workouts, motivational messages, meal plans, and more are meant for adults. But if you happen to be an adult with kids, those kids will be learning to live a healthier life right along with you.

T and C offer a #FitFundraiser Challenge four times a year that allows them to help you and a local charity at the same time. They're offering just such a challenge in December to benefit The Dragon Dream Team and sign-ups start on Thursday. Find the event listing below and save it for Thursday because the link for the sign-ups will be added there as soon as it becomes available!



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