The small list that’s a big deal!

This week's list of happenings may be short but it's got a lot goin' on!

You can still order cool herbs and veggie plants (like an eggplant that looks like a stripey tomato!) from Jacobs Heritage Farm for a few more days.

And you can swing by The Market Path on Saturday for 15% off everything, including those awesome polka dot socks you've been eyeing.

Then, if you're headed to the Winery at Wolf Creek for their annual Goat Derby, make sure you've scheduled your Uber and have studied up on the goats that are racing!

Wrap up your week at The Sassy Sunflower with Judy and Jamie of Style by 3 Generations LuLaRoe and maybe pick up a polka dot wrap skirt to match those new socks.

And, you know, if that big deal short list brings the need to wind down come Monday, a glass of wine and the sweet songs of Gretchen Pleuss should totally do the trick!

This week:

Through May 4th

Saturday, May 4

Sunday, May 5

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