The More You Know

Sometimes, you know, you're just going about your business, doing your day-to-day thang, and it occurs to you that there's stuff happening out there that you might like to know about but you don't look into any of it because you don't NEED to know right now so maybe you'll find out someday...

I'm talking about stuff like banks and water systems and camper storage facilities, you know?

And that, my friends, is exactly why I do what I do because today's that very someday and I get to introduce you to our three newest members, Consumers National BankClearwater Systems, and Four Wide Storage, all of whom offer stuff that you might like to know about!

Take Consumers National Bank, for instance. Their community-based approach to banking allows them to offer more personalized service. Basically, they feel like an old-school bank with new-fangled tech. (And if you're on Facebook and want a giggle, maybe check out their page and the pictures of displays to get "fired up" for their Solo Stove Auto Loan Special. I might just have to ask Branch Relationship Manager Micole Lumpkin if that s'mores kit comes with the stove...)

Then there's Clearwater Systems. They've been serving the homes and businesses of Northeast Ohio for 76 years so you probably know their name, but have you ever really paid attention to what they offer? I mean, water isn't necessarily something you think about often but we all need it, we all want it to taste good, and we all want it to be safe for drinking, so their name is a good one to know. And I have three words for everyone, particularly those of us with wells: Free. Water. Testing.

And finally, we have Four Wide Storage. Now, you might think that you don't need to know about them if you don't have an RV or camper or boat to store but you might be wrong! They also RENT RVs for that fabulous getaway camping trip that I'm now totally dreaming of. AND they're a U-Haul dealer for those of you planning a move. AND they're planning really cool event in July that you'll just have to watch out for if you're into the World of Outlaw Sprint Cars.

So, you see? There's all sorts of things to know! And I encourage you to keep this someday going and click around and get to know more!


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