The Loop just got healthier!

We've got ourselves a new member in The Loop and they make it pretty easy to feel good talking about them.

After all, their job is to help you feel good when you don't!

"Alleviant Health Centers is a full-service mental health clinic helping people heal depression and chronic pain with a combination of traditional therapies and innovative, holistic modalities."

You'll find that they explain it all much better than I can on their website and Facebook page but what I can say well enough is this: it's worth the time to click around and get to know them.

Alleviant shares valuable articles to help you improve your mental and physical health, partners with other local health-related businesses, and hosts the occasional event such as a class or discussion. You might want to keep your eyes on the Loop Calendar for more to come...

In the meantime, help us give them a warm welcome and we can all focus on better health together!

Plus: Saturday's been moved

Hopefully, you've picked up on the fact that The Market Path holds a sale on the first Saturday of every month.

Unfortunately, July's first Saturday happens to be on the 4th!

So as you can see on the list of happenings below, to make up for closing that day, they've bumped up and extended their First Saturday Sale to Thursday and Friday for July.

If you'd like to do a little screen shopping before you don your mask and head over, you can check out their online shop or scroll through their Facebook posts (which I especially recommend if you have as much of an addiction to cute bags as I do... ????).

This week:

Tuesday, June 30

Thursday, July 2

Friday, July 3

Next week:

Monday, July 6

Tuesday, July 7

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