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We have a new member this week and we're excited to share because this member's all about helping you reach your full potential. Please give a warm welcome to MEF Consulting Group, LLC!

Some of you might recognize Marsha Friedman as Zoom Master Extraordinaire for the Copley Chamber (that next meeting is next week, by the way...) but she does much more than manage breakout rooms for her day job.

As she puts it, "Just like elite athletes, business leaders need coaches; enter MEF Consulting Group, your personal trainer for business professionals." She brings over 30 years of experience in corporate America to the table in order to "[help] leaders reach their personal potential, bring out the best in every employee, and drive business growth."

Not only that, but Marsha's also the author of two books! Surviving and Thriving Despite the Drama and Job Search Mastery are both titles that just might strike a chord for a number of us this year. That being the case, you can learn more and find that help reaching your full potential at

MEF Consulting Group, LLC is listed in the full list of members and on the Businesses page as well as on the Employment page with more information about Marsha's latest book, Job Search Mastery.

Don't Stop the Hop

If all was right with the world, we'd be getting ready to go ride a trolley and hop the shops of Copley this Saturday.

In 2015, the Trolley Shop Hop was created to encourage people to get out and explore the small businesses of Copley Township. It turned out to be such a fun event that it was repeated four more times with hundreds of people coming out each year, and not just people from Copley! We met new friends from Medina and even the Cleveland area, giving our local businesses some much-deserved extra love for the holidays.

So with the uncertainty of 2020 putting such a damper on our fun this year, we're asking you to keep the spirit alive. We'll be happy if you simply make it a point to shop local in person or online every chance you get, but if you really want to get into the spirit...

You can keep the tradition going in your own way!

Make a list of Copley shops you'd like to support. Then, give yourself a day or maybe some weeks and see how many shops on that list you can visit, giving yourself a "stamp" for each one (again, in person or online). You might even want to visit Copley Circle to see the lights and give yourself a little giveaway prize when you've shopped all you could hop!

And if you end up with a story to tell or a Passport to show, we want to hear about it. Send your story to or post on Instagram using #dontstopthehop2020.

Happy hopping!

Giving Tuesday

And finally...

As mentioned last Tuesday, today is Giving Tuesday. We would be remiss if we didn't mention it just one more time!

After all, Copley Outreach is always in need of donations and the Share-A-Christmas program has a deadline coming up on December 9th.

Meanwhile, if time is what you were looking to give, the Township has two board vacancies to fill and will be accepting resumes through December 18th.

Thank you, Copley, for being a giving community and if what you give is to your community in particular, then thank you for that, too!

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