That was totally planned!

Ok, maybe not totally.

You see, I've been (mostly) biting my tongue for about a week while we got our newest Maker Member all set up, always fully intending to make the big "Welcome" announcement today. So, here goes...

Welcome, Breakaway Coffee Roasters!! 

This new member is particularly exciting not only for being a cool small food business right here in Copley but also for their "Roast on Demand" model. Basically, they accept orders all week long, roast what's been ordered on Sunday, and deliver those orders on Monday.

That means you get the freshest coffee possible and that's always a key factor in brewing a truly great cuppa coffee!

So, here's the part of the big announcement that I must admit was not totally planned but makes it all even more exciting in my book...

Today is National Coffee Day!!

That's gotta be some sort of sign, right?! I mean, talk about timing!

So in the spirit of the day, hop on over to the Breakaway website and place your order for this weekend's roast. Possibly a bag of Turbo Sloth.

Because "Turbo Sloth".

And, hey, bonus for anyone in the 44321 zip code, you get free delivery! That doesn't just save the cost of shipping but also the time because those bags get hand-delivered, making your coffee that much fresher.

You lucky Turbo Sloths, you.

(Side note... Many of us who love our coffee might be looking to slip in a second, more immediate celebration of the day. For that, I recommend stopping by Cardinal Cakes and Coffee because today they're offering a half-priced 16oz house or dark roast coffee with the purchase of a scrumptious snack to go with it. Just remember, they close at 4:00!)

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