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The Loop In Copley is just over two weeks shy of a 2-year anniversary and it should be no surprise to hear that these last two months have been a tough hit.

First, there's been the obvious difficulty of maintaining a weekly newsletter aimed at keeping you informed about things like community group meetings and small business events during a time when those things just haven't been happening.

Second (and vastly more distressing for us all), there are the difficult decisions that the people behind those community groups and small businesses have been forced to make - decisions like cancellations, tightening belts, or closing doors.

The Loop grew out of a passion for helping small businesses in and around Copley, to shine a direct light on them for those who are equally passionate about supporting their community to see, and that passion has by no means diminished despite such difficulties.

It has, in fact, never felt more important to keep shining that light.

But it should be noted that The Loop itself also represents a small business. One that is striving to find its new footing, and one that derives just as much benefit from reviews and virtual engagement as any brick-and-mortar.

And so I ask you, in the immortal words of Kiss, to please... shout it, shout it, shout it out loud.

Tell friends. Forward emails. Share links. React to and comment on posts so the algorithms recognize that The Loop provides valuable content. And if you happen to have (or know of) a business that could benefit from the light of The Loop, remember that all are welcome and that there's more info below.

You'll be helping more than one small business when you do and who knows, you might even help steer the content in a way that's more valuable for you!

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Tuesday, May 26

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Do you have a business or work with an organization that should be in The Loop? We'd love to have you! Click here for membership information and contact Allison Chrien at to get the ball rolling.

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