Focus Dog Training

Seriously, those faces!

The Loop has a new member to welcome and she's likely to give Copley Fairlawn Veterinary Clinic and Jacobs Heritage Farm a run for their money in terms of the cuteness of their animal-themed social posts.

Say "hello" to Cass Koch of Focus Dog Training, along with her two canine cohorts, Van Zant and Dover.

And as if those pics of those faces aren't enough to make you "aww", Cass sent along bios to go with them...

Van Zant Lord of the Meatheads ATD CGC AtoZ VHMA TKA
Van Zant is a 4-year-old American Bulldog rescue from Cleveland. I have had him for a little less than 2 years. When I got him he knew "sit" and was reactive to other dogs. Today we have 4 trick titles, 2 obedience titles and compete in dock diving and fastCAT. His favorite thing to do is cuddle and show people all his tricks, his favorites being "spin", "wave", and "speak". 

Dover NTD
Dover is a 4-year-old Great Pyrenees. He had a rough puppyhood so he was wary of strangers but now loves to take treats from everyone. He has 1 trick title and his favorite things to do are running and playing with his brother.

I mean... come on. I'm so glad there's that kind of sweetness in the world. I'm also glad to know that when we're ready for a new pup, Cass can help us raise it right.

If you already have a pup and need a little help, check out her listings on the Loop Calendar for group classes or visit the Focus Dog Training website to learn more about how Cass can help with anything from private sessions to pet sitting to walks.

And, hey, even if you don't have a pup, I still recommend following her on Facebook and/or Instagram! Fair warning, though, she posted about an absolutely adorable little guy yesterday and now I want a Norwegian Elkhound.

I really am a sucker for those animal-themed social posts.

Maybe we should try to get the trainer, the vet, and the farm into a photo battle...

Van Zant and Dover

Not a battle, exactly, but a contest

Speaking of photos and competition, The Loop is actually having a photo contest!

This contest is exclusively for Looper Community Subscribers, though, so if you're not a Looper but love taking and sharing pictures of what you're up to, and you also love the idea of getting special offers to use when you're supporting local, then you can subscribe to start saving then snap some shots in the process!

For more information on the contest, follow the link in the list of weekly happenings below.

This week:

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Next week:

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