Reminding ourselves what it’s all about 

January is good a time to reset and plan, as exemplified by our quick list of happenings below.

It's also good a time to take a moment and remind ourselves exactly what we're doing here and why and for The Loop, those answers are all about one word: Community.

It's about helping you find the organizations that help us and bring us together. It's about finding places to go and things to do in and around Copley. It's about finding our friends and neighbors who make cool things or who do good work.

And it's all in an effort to bring people together and to keep our community strong.

Some of our members live or work in Copley, some actually live or work nearby, but all are members because they appreciate the awesomeness that is our Township and they're more than happy to support the cause.

So if you're connected with a business or organization that's kicking off a reset-and-plan January and that holds that same appreciation, we'd be happy to have you in The Loop!

Click here for membership information or contact Allison Chrien at

This week:

Sunday, December 27 - Tuesday, January 5

Next week:

Thursday, January 14

Current Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a business or work with an organization that should be in The Loop? We'd love to have you! Click here for membership information and contact Allison Chrien at to get the ball rolling.

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