Recap: Heritage Day 2019

Well, goodness. Saturday was a very busy day of canvas-painting and parade walking for The Loop. Welcome, all of our new followers!

And for those new followers that didn't get the synopsis on Saturday, here's the gist: The Loop is here to make it easier for you to be engaged in your community and to support local businesses. There's just one email a week telling you what's happening that week and the next, and I really do try to keep it fairly short and sweet (this week's a bit of a fluke, I promise...).

So while there's MUCH to talk about on the calendar this week, I'm just gonna have to trust you all to peruse the list below or to visit the website to learn more because I've got some serious gratitude to get off my chest:

  • Enough thanks cannot be said for the Heritage Day committee and all their hard work for a full year to plan such an amazing event - it's not an easy job and it's all volunteer but it pays off for the community and we thank you for it!
  • Loop members and I have additional thanks for the committee as well as Copley Township for making sure local businesses didn't get forgotten in the hubbub by providing a big ol' party tent and cool personal banners. That was truly, madly, deeply appreciated!
  • And HUGE thanks to everyone who not only stopped by to figure out what was happening in that big ol' party tent, but who also got into the spirit and stayed to paint a while - it was special every time the idea struck a chord!
    • We have 102 out of 120 canvases done, in a vast array of styles and colors that will be amazing when it all comes together, and we only seem to have misplaced one!
    • If you happen to have found yourself taking home a canvas, no worries! You can return it to the Copley Creekside Farmers Market on Thursday or during the Second Sunday Market this weekend if you like.
    • If you weren't able to make the event but would like to paint one of the remaining canvases, you can also stop by the market or you can contact me at to make arrangements.
    • I'll be keeping you updated on the finalizing, mounting,  and eventual installing so stay tuned!
  • Finally, some personal shoutouts to:
    • Cindy Havlik-Thompson of Thirty-One Gifts and her awesome family for all of their support in its various guises,
    • My own awesome family for helping me be two places at once and for having the job of my pit crew down to a science,
    • The volunteers who appeared out of nowhere to help with the set-up, clean-up, and take-down of the accouterments,
    • The nice people who made me smile by telling me how much they already enjoy The Loop,
    • And the little one who left me the painted flower that now decorates the top of my desk to make me smile every day.
    • Plus, all of my Destination and Business Members who keep The Loop rolling so I can keep coming up with crazy ideas!
      • Beyond Help Organization
      • Cindy Thompson, Thirty-One Gifts
      • Copley Chamber of Commerce
      • Copley Creekside Farmers Market
      • Copley Township
      • The HUB Community Center
      • Jacobs Heritage Farm
      • The Market Path
      • Paula Meeker Photography
      • The Sassy Sunflower
      • Scott Fano - Howard Hanna
      • SHE Did It Videography
      • Weitzel's Whimseys Apiary & Gardens
      • The Whimsical Pig B&B at Wolf Creek
      • The Winery at Wolf Creek

Next up in Loop events: the 5th annual Trolley Shop Hop on December 7th. In the meantime, check out the events below!

This week:

Tuesday, August 6

  • Yappy Hour from 5:00 - 8:00 at The Winery at Wolf Creek

Thursday, August 8

Friday, August 9

Saturday, August 10

Sunday, August 11: Copley Second Sundays

Next week:

Tuesday, August 13

  • Yappy Hour from 5:00 - 8:00 at The Winery at Wolf Creek

Wednesday, August 14

Thursday, August 15

Saturday, August 17

Sunday, August 18

Plus...Monday, August 19

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