Looper Community Subscription (1 Year)


Are you a Looper? If not, here’s your chance!

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Are you a Looper*? If not, here’s your chance!

We want to welcome you to the new Looper Community – a group of people who not only love Copley Township and want to see it thrive but who also love new ways to support its small businesses and community organizations. And they might just happen to love a good deal, too!

For a mere $24 a YEAR, those who subscribe will receive a membership card and The Looper News, a monthly email of exclusive content and special offers from an assortment of Loop Members**. Offers may include anything from discounts to giveaways, and possibly even Looper-only merchandise or events!

* A Looper is Looper: An individual who lives in or around Copley Township. More information available on the Are you a Looper? page.

**A Loop Member is a business, organization, or self-employed individual. More information available on the Members page.


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