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Are you a Looper? If not, here’s your chance!

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Are you a Looper*? If not, here’s your chance!

We want to welcome you to the Looper Community – a group of people who not only love Copley Township and The Loop and want to see them thrive, but who also love the privilege of exclusive offers.

For a mere $24 a YEAR, those who subscribe will receive a membership card and the Looper News (an email of exclusive content and special offers from an assortment of Loop Members**) on the 1st and 15th of every month. Offers are often discounts or giveaways but we throw a curveball out now and then, like maybe sending snail mail a time or two a year.

Our latest curveball is the Easter Egg Offer – only the first person to find the Easter egg in the Looper News and contact the member listed gets their exclusive offer!

By subscribing, you’ll be helping to support The Loop and its efforts to support the businesses and organizations of Copley Township.

And for that, we thank you.

* A Looper is Looper: An individual who lives in or around Copley Township and wants to support The Loop and its Members by subscribing to receive special offers. More information available on the Are you a Looper? page.

**A Loop Member is a business, organization, or self-employed individual who joined The Loop through the Copley Chamber of Commerce. The full list of Loop Members can be found on the Members page.


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