Planning for the Weekend

Some weekends involve a little more planning ahead than others, and it's looking like this could very well be one of those weekends!

There is, of course, Father's Day on Sunday. You might have a "no muss, no fuss" kind of dad who's good with a call or text and the chance to go golfing, maybe a meal at the brand new Firehouse Tavern (if this is all going down on Saturday since they're closed on Sundays) with the family when he's done.

But if you're looking to be prepared with anything from the perfect present to a simple card of greeting or gift, don't forget to visit the pages of The Loop and scope out where to go to support local in the process!

Meanwhile, if you're considering checking out any of the Saturday happenings in the list below, be sure to click the links for details and register as requested. An appointment guarantees you won't miss out on that henna tattoo, and the other two events may be free but reasonably accurate headcounts are always appreciated by the planners.

A Warm Welcome to Sande!

So, hey, you know those envelopes that show up in your mailbox and are full of coupons? Well, help me welcome the lovely face behind them, Sande Badowski of Valpak Cleveland/Akron, to The Loop!

Valpak has been sending those envelopes to homes in our area for over 35 years (so I guess there's no chance I can say they got the idea from the five-month-old Looper Community, is there..? 😉). Sande's been with them for over five years and now works with hundreds of businesses to reach their target market.

That means a whole lot of people saving a whole lot of money thanks to Sande!

Not to mention a whole lot of exposure for businesses of various sizes including small and local, and that's some good work to get behind. Plus, I hear Valpak slips a $100 check in there on occasion just to see if you're paying attention!

So next time you get one of those envelopes in the mail, take moment to open it. Not only might there be a nice bonus in it for you, there might just also be a reason to support a local business.

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Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

Do you have a business or work with an organization that should be in The Loop? We'd love to have you! Click here for membership information and contact Allison Chrien at to get the ball rolling.

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