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Two months ago, I was more than a little sad to make the announcement that Ron and Sue Bishop were ending their Whimsical Pig days and moving to Georgia. Judging by your reaction to that announcement, I'd say you were equally sad to hear it.

Sadder yet..? It appears the official move will be happening before long.

Believe it or not, though, there is a bright side this week. The Bishops have decided to whittle down their wares and have an estate sale!

So you now have the opportunity to own one (or many) of the vintage accents that have been meticulously curated and artfully placed throughout the B&B over the years. You also now have a good excuse to just swing by, say "hi", and let the Bishops know how much you've always admired the place as you drove down that end of Cleveland-Massillon Road!

You'll find more information in the list of happenings below. And if you plan your trip just right, you might even be able to place an order of old world meats from Jacobs Heritage Farm, make a stop at Carl Harp Nursery's newly-opened produce stand, and pick up a bottle or two from The Winery at Wolf Creek to make a full south-Copley day of it!

Plus: Congratulations to Cardinal!

In case you haven't heard, Cardinal Cakes and Coffee shared the exciting news on Facebook recently that they've passed all of their inspections! HOORAY!!

That means they're a giant leap closer to opening their doors and we can all look forward to that happy announcement soon.

In the meantime, they also shared the exciting news that they've started taking cake orders by phone. So if you know someone getting ready to celebrate something awesome like a birthday, engagement, wedding, retirement, or simply a weekend (because those are totally worth celebrating), give Cardinal a call at 330-576-6004.

And if you've been checking the Loop member employment opportunities, you may have noticed that they're looking to hire a few people. If interested, please call that same number.

I know we're all anxious for them to open so keep your eyes open for more news to come!

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