This week's thoughts are all about opportunities.

Tonight, for instance, if you're reading this newsletter in time, you have the opportunity to support Maggie's Mission during Yappy Hour Tuesdays. An excellent excuse to enjoy a glass of wine and the beautiful scenery of The Winery at Wolf Creek.

You also have the opportunity tonight to jump in on a FB Live event with Nick Angelis of Alleviant Health Centers that's all about "how inflammation can affect your moods and strategies to identify and reduce inflammation". Excellent information during such stressful times.

Both events are opportunities for enhancing your personal well-being, to be sure, but we also have a couple of opportunities to enhance our community's well-being.

Because, as was shared on Facebook by Copley Township this week, the people behind the Copley Outreach Center and the Copley Fairlawn Cares Program work tirelessly to support members of our community. We have the opportunity to support their efforts all day, every day by checking their page for the latest updates on specific items needed or donating through their GoFundMe campaign.

And this Saturday, we have another opportunity to enhance the well-being of our community. The opportunity to listen, to learn, and to show our support for those taking on the task of discussing the difficult topic of racial inequality in our schools.

Copley-Fairlawn For All is a group of students, alumni, and community members of the Copley-Fairlawn School District and you can learn more about them and the event they have organized through their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The discussions they are having may not be easy. There will be disagreement. But how those discussions are received and how concerns are addressed will show whether our community is strong enough to set personal bias aside and truly listen with the understanding that another person's experience may be different from our own.

Personally, I believe we can be that strong. And this Saturday brings the opportunity to prove it.

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