One thought leads to another…

As I was looking at the Loop calendar for this week, I started thinking about how long-overdue I am for a henna tattoo and some shopping around town just for fun.

So then I went to The Market Path's Facebook page and saw a post about their First Saturday Sale and visit from The Artful Cricket this weekend. Do you know what I learned (aside from the fact that Conscious Step socks protect a whole lot more than I realized...)?

International Women's Day is this weekend!

This led me to another thought of which terribly I'm proud: not only is The Loop itself the product of a female-owned micro-business, so are about half of our Loop member businesses.

Now that sounds like just cause for celebration in my book! And what better way to celebrate than getting out and supporting as many of those businesses as possible?

So if you need me this Saturday, just check out the Destinations and make your way through the list and hopefully, we'll cross paths.

Maybe we can compare henna tattoos.

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