NETWORKING: two events

This week, the Copley Chamber of Commerce gives you two chances to get to know your local business leaders.

If you're looking for a networking event in Copley that's a little later in the day, here's hoping you open your emails promptly because their first After5@4:30 happens TODAY! Feel free stop by or contact Akron Insurance if you're interested in attending.

But if you're more of a morning person, there's still time to register for Thursday's HOP Networking at Bomba!


MEMBERS: two new

The Loop has two new members, our farthest north and our farthest south, one Whimsical and the other full of Whimsey, and both of which may very well be new to you.

The Whimsical Pig Bed and Breakfast is a stunning piece of Copley history with views of The Winery at Wolf Creek's vineyard across the street. Whether you're looking for a place to send those relatives coming for a visit (a place that's maybe not with you...) or a place for you to get away (but maybe not too far away...), this is most definitely a place that should be on your radar!

And then we have Weitzel's Whimseys, an apiary with lush gardens and a country store, tucked behind a house that's behind the high school, and where you might just be lucky enough to find what owner Michele calls "the manuka honey of Copley" (locust honey) or the richer taste of Fall (goldenrod honey). In addition to being a bee-keeper, Michele is an artist so there are plenty of treasures to be found!

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