More Virtual Options

These weeks have brought us quite the opportunity for catching up on our binge-watching, have they not?

Well, if you're already bored with your options, we've got a member who entertains as well as informs through video. Just for fun, head to and click your way through her work.

Of course, she's narrowed down the selection of videos on her site and that's just like snacking on a handful of potato chips. If you're in a more sit-down-with-the-open-bag kind of mood, you might want to skip straight to her Vimeo page (where she currently has 186 videos) and settle yourself in!

Meanwhile, virtual meetings have quickly become the norm and in case you haven't seen... you can now officially join the meetings of the Copley Township Board of Trustees from the safety of home! Visit the main calendar on the township's website for more information.

With a natural balance

But, of course, we can't just sit and stare at our screens all day long, can we? It's important to balance with a good dose of nature now and then and we have some ideas for that, too!

Start by easing into things with some virtual shopping from Carl Harp Nursery or by placing an order for onion starts from Jacobs Heritage Farm. (Plan now, plant later!)

Then, as soon as you're ready to explore outside the walls of home, how do you feel about going a Christmas Tree Hunt..? ????

Don your face masks, make note of what 6' away actually looks like, and head to Copley Community Park for a walk along the trails. Somewhere there you'll find a tree with ornaments and a bit of garland and only the mystery decorator knows when they appeared or why!

The rest of us do know, however, that those decorations will have to come down at some point for the safety of the park's wildlife so get out there and have fun hunting while you can!

Just remember to be wary of a packed parking lot, stand well aside for people passing, and send a thank you out in the universe to the mystery decorator for adding a giggle to your day.

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