Local Love and Smiling Faces

So, I have four members I want to shine the spotlight on today and as I was pulling together all their pictures, I realized that the biggest thing they all have in common is that they all make me happy.

Here's why.

3610 Clothing Company is not just big, exciting news for being a new member. They're also big, exciting news for being a new shop near Copley Circle!

Those two facts should be enough to make me happy, but here's a few more:

  • They sell Copley gear of all sorts (including a cool Copley Community Park ladies' tee I simply could not pass up).
  • They're in the old post office at 3610 Copley Road (cool new use of existing old space).
  • They've made me my very own Loop tees that will be making their for-purchase debut in the Loop Tent at Heritage Day (cool timing with the tax-free weekend)!

3610 Clothing Company will be in the Loop Tent, too, so you can meet them there, of course. But if you can't wait, stop by the shop to say "hi", and maybe get some Copley gear to help you celebrate Heritage Days!

Digital Summit Group is another new member and while digital marketing groups can be truly awesome and all, you wouldn't think one could be described as making a person happy, per se.

However, for one thing, that's owner Brian Mungo and his wife pictured up there on the right and, I mean... c'mon. Just look at those smiling faces...

For another thing, the group's focus is particularly near and dear to my heart: "to help local restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, and any place that serves food thrive."


AND I met him at the Penguin Ice Cream Ribbon Cutting back in May.

By the by... knowing about Digital Summit Group is not just for businesses, you know. Anyone looking for new local haunts can follow their food adventures through NE Ohio Eats on Facebook and on TikTok!

Gail Kerzner of The Savvy Red Pen and Jenny Young of SHE Did It Videography, those last two smiling faces up there, are celebrating their anniversaries with The Loop and that, my friends, couldn't possibly NOT make me happy.

I met Gail about a year ago and found her quite the kindred spirit. If you're in need of writing coaching, copyediting, and/or proofreading services (particularly of the non-fictional variety), Gail's your gal. And if you just enjoy getting grammar tips or having a good chuckle at grammatical slips, I highly recommend a Facebook or Instagram follow!

Meanwhile, there's Jenny, with her doing-it-better-than-Carly-Simon look... I met Jenny (gasp...) three years ago thanks to a random Instagram post. That post brought us together through shared loves of local and coffee, not to mention kindness and collaboration with a dash (or sometimes very heavy dose) of silliness. Check out her website to see for yourself!

A Brighten Night for the Millers

Now that I mention collaboration, I have a quick spotlight-shining on a couple more Loop Members... it seems that Scott and Linda Miller of Miller Art & Music have an art show opening at Brighten Brewing Company tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th, from 6:00 - 10:00!

Rumor has it that prints will be available and Scott will be performing some of his original songs.

Sounds like a great excuse for a weekday Brighten night out to me!

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