Listen to the music…

Sure, you know about the Sunday Concerts at the bandstand, but have you ever noticed the music being played all around Copley?

Just look at the next two weeks! You have the chance to enjoy live music at The Winery at Wolf Creek, The HUB Community Center, and The Barn at Wolf Creek. You can also enjoy simply listening to the drum circle at The Market Path on the 16th, or you can actually sit down and join it if you're really feeling the beat!

So as the Sunday Concerts wind down on the 19th, fear not - there will still be chances to listen to the music in Copley. You just have to know where to find it!

This week:
Tuesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 8

Thursday, August 9

Friday, August 10

Saturday, August 11

Sunday, August 12

Next week:
Monday, August 13

Wednesday, August 15

Thursday, August 16

Friday, August 17

Saturday, August 18

Sunday, August 19

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