Let’s not keep this a secret

We all need a little help sometimes. That help might be as simple as some good advice or as valuable as a month's rent. And that help is out there, too - you just need to know where to find it.

The Copley Outreach Center has helped so many people in our community in its 25 years, yet so many more seem to know little or nothing about it.

There's a longer version on the Copley Township website but the short story is this: Copley Outreach helps people get through tough times through a food pantry, holiday baskets, financial assistance, and now a backpack program at the schools.

And right now, they could use a little help themselves. They're working on updating systems and expanding programs and making repairs to the historic home they're housed in.

That's a lot to take on for an organization with so much already on its plate!

If you would like to see a few suggestions on how you could take a serving or so off that plate, please see the long version of the story as mentioned above. One suggestion not listed that's super easy? To help spread the word! After all, you never know if the person listening can either help or be helped.

And if you ever think of another suggestion but forgot how to find the Copley Outreach contact info, at least it's easy to remember that you can always look for Community/Organizations in The Loop!

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