It’s a gift to your community

I know that you're all super busy wrapping up your holiday preparations (or, if you're like me, really just starting them) and that perhaps reading a mass email isn't necessarily all that high on your priority list right now, so allow me to show my appreciation for your time by keeping this as short and sweet as I can...

Supporting local businesses for the holidays is a gift you give to your community!

And this week, whether shopping or escaping the hustle and bustle, there are still plenty of ways to relax and support local. Check out the list below, or take another scroll through our Destination or Business Loop members for ideas.

On behalf of your community, I thank you!

This week:

Wednesday, December 18

Thursday, December 19

Saturday, December 21

Sunday, December 22

Next week:

Monday, December 23


Wednesday, December 25


Thursday, December 26


Plus...Monday, December 30

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