In case we haven’t met…

So, I normally prefer not to put myself so front-and-center, maintaining a sort of "disembodied voice" kind of approach to what I write for you each week and keeping the focus on our vast array of Loop Members.

And I normally try not to try your patience by writing too much...

It occurs to me, however, on this international day for celebrating the achievements of women, that we have a slew of new followers since I last introduced myself (seriously, almost three years??) and they may not know just exactly how The Loop came about.

I won't go into too much detail because it's a long story (and there's a whole host of much more interesting stuff left to read in the Happenings and Opportunities below), but allow me to share just a few highlights with you:

  • It's probably obvious by now but I developed a wee bit of an obsession with championing my community and the local businesses and organizations therein when my two boys were still in single-digit ages.*
  • I created The Loop In Copley in 2018 as a constructive outlet for my obsession that would allow me to work from home and have a flexible schedule to be more easily available for my boys.
  • In addition to keeping The Loop rolling, I became the Executive Director of the Copley Chamber of Commerce back in the Fall, exponentially expanding the ways in which I can support those businesses and organizations I'm so obsessed with championing.

So today, I celebrate the fact that I was able to follow such a path with relatively few obstacles.

I celebrate the fact that I'm surrounded by and able to support the work of women who have been able to follow their own similar paths.

And I celebrate that I have a community full of mostly women who subscribe as Loopers because they understand and want to support our efforts (and maybe get some cool excuses... I mean, exclusives... to support Loop Members in return!).

These facts of few obstacles and much support may be shared with many women but they're not shared by all. For now, then, we just have to remember to celebrate what we can.

Happy International Women's Day, ya'll.

*Side note, my oldest turned 21 years old today, and my youngest will be entering his last year of teenhood in June. I'm not entirely sure how we got here but here we are nonetheless.


Happenings & Opportunities

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Current Employment opportunities: Copley Township: Police Department | Copley Township: Fire Department | Southwest Summit Communications Center (SWSCOM) | Nothing Bundt Cakes | Spring Garden Waldorf School | Master Pizza | Purposeful Eats | Jantech Building Services, Inc. | Firehouse Tavern | Challenge Island of Summit-Medina | The Winery at Wolf Creek | Brighten Brewing Company

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