How do you support your community?

Several things have me thinking about my Loop members this week, and those thoughts keep leading me back to the same question, one I'd like to ask you.

How do you support your community?

It all started with this week's Community Days at the Akron Zoo, ensuring the word "community" was stuck in my head like a favorite old song.

Then, while sorting through some papers, I came across a list of contact information for 11 small businesses from around the Copley Circle area. That list was just around four years old.

All but three of those businesses are now gone and one of those three, the Copley Creekside Farmers Market, may be coming to an end after this season.

Each business had its own story, of course, but several stories were known to include an overall lack of consistent community support.

If you don't know much about the importance of supporting local, there's no shortage of articles out there but the gist of them all is this: small, local businesses are the backbone and character of a community.

So on behalf of our community, I want to thank those of you who support local whenever possible. And to those who wish to do more, you're in The Loop in that's a start! Spreading the word so others can be in The Loop, too, is a very simple next step.

After that, you can help me thank the following (who appreciate the importance of small, local businesses and have become Loop members) by considering the question of how you support your community:

Beyond Help Organization

Cindy Havlik-Thompson, Thirty-One Gifts

Copley Chamber of Commerce

Copley Creekside Farmers Market

Copley Township

The HUB Community Center

Jacobs Heritage Farm

The Market Path

Paula Meeker Photography

The Sassy Sunflower

Scott Fano - Howard Hanna

SHE Did It Videography

Weitzel's Whimseys Apiary & Gardens

The Whimsical Pig Bed & Breakfast at Wolf Creek

The Winery at Wolf Creek

For more information on any Loop member or for other ideas of how you can get involved, visit

Oh, hey, Fall is in the air!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to jump off that soapbox and into a pile of leaves!

It may be a bit early for that part yet but it's coming soon enough. The signs are there. Just look at the pics above from Jacobs Heritage Farmand The Sassy Sunflower. Pumpkins all around! ????

The weather looks to be cooling off for the rest of the week, too - perfect for swinging by the shop and the farmstand to get into the spirit of the season.

Take my hand and let's jump in with both feet!

This week:

Tuesday, September 3 - Sunday, September 8

Tuesday, September 3

  • Yappy Hour from 5:00 - 8:00 at The Winery at Wolf Creek

Thursday, September 5

Saturday, September 7

Next week:

Tuesday, September 10 - Thursday, September 12

Tuesday, September 10

  • Yappy Hour from 5:00 - 8:00 at The Winery at Wolf Creek

Thursday, September 12

Saturday, September 14

Plus...Monday, September 16

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