Have you voted yet today?

It's election day, and Copley residents have more than one important decision to make - specifically one Copley Trustee seat, our Fiscal Officer, and a fire department replacement levy.

Already voted? Excellent, wear that sticker proudly!

But if you haven't voted yet (and if you're an open-and-read-new-emails-the-second-they-arrive kind of person), there's still time to do your due diligence, weigh your options, and get to the polls before they close tonight at 7:30.

Local elections make a world of difference so get out there and rock that vote!

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Plus: Happy anniversary to our first Loop members!

The Loop In Copley has grown and evolved so much since it first debuted in June of last year but truth be told, no milestone can be bigger than the one marked by the start of November - the first anniversary of our first official Loop members!

It was those first few Destinations - the Copley Creekside Farmers Market*, Jacobs Heritage Farm, The Sassy Sunflower, and The Winery at Wolf Creek - that helped me transform what was a voluntary experiment in how to support small, local businesses into a small, local business of my own.

So thank you to those early adopters for believing in The Loop enough to get the ball rolling on membership, and I wish you all a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

*Okay so, yes, that one is also me. It was that original side gig/passion project that led me to this one. But it still counts because I totally believed in The Loop! ????

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