Have You Met Them?

I can't even begin to tell you how often I find myself mentally singing about the people in your neighborhood on a Tuesday. I mostly can't tell you because I've lost count but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it was at least 47 weeks of the year. Maybe more.

That earworm is particularly invasive today, though, because our new member actually is in my neighborhood!

Of course, I ended up meeting Erin Schlarb (my neighbor and owner of Hemlock Strategy + Design, LLC) online because life is funny like that.

But with her experience working with "start-ups, creatives, non-profits, and small businesses," and with the first sentence on the homepage of her website being "You’ve poured your heart into your small business," she's also obviously a woman after my own heart!

Now, if only I shared her enviable ability to grow beautiful flowers...

When you get right down to it, though, that's sorta the point of The Loop - that our community (our "neighborhood at large," if you will) is chock full of people you should meet when you're walking down the street, but maybe you don't. Maybe you need an introduction.

So allow me to make sure you've met another couple of friends who happen to be celebrating their Loop anniversaries!

Christina Warner of Neora joined The Loop just two years ago and if you haven't had the chance to get to know her, now is an excellent time. All new Preferred Customers can take 10% off their ENTIRE order of $100 or more through tomorrow, August 31st. Contact Christina for more info. (And if you're a Looper, remember to let her know your Looper number for your free shipping exclusive!)

Meanwhile, The Winery at Wolf Creek was one of our very first members back in 2018 and it has certainly been a pleasure to get to know them! Any neighbor with a backyard like that who lets you sit and drink wine with your friends in it... well, that's a very good friend and neighbor to have, indeed.

PLUS: A Couple Quick Highlights

We have several items on the calendar this week you may not want to miss (and if you have a college-bound senior and you're not following The Loop on the socials, you may have already missed one...). Be sure and check out the full list of Happenings & Opportunities below, but here are a couple quick highlights:


Happenings & Opportunities

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Next week:

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