Hashtag to show the love!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, COVID-19 has thrown the world for a serious loop and we're all spinning with dizziness.

But what's been amazing to watch is the creative ways that people have found to support each other and put a smile on the faces of friends and neighbors! (Gotta love sidewalk chalk drawings...)

And people certainly continue to support small businesses as best they can but we all know it's tough right now. So what can you do?

The most obvious is ordering from a local restaurant, an option made even easier thanks to Copley Township's handy new list of restaurants.

And have you seen? The word is out about gift certificates - order by phone now, use later! You know The Loop has a handy list of businesses* for that, too.

And you may not realize just how important positive reviews are but, please, by all means, leave them anywhere and everywhere you can for small businesses and independent sellers! There's always a way, be it Google or Amazon or Yelp or Facebook or what-have-you.

But let's take things a step further and put some smiles on faces, too. Let's create a little buzz for our favorite local businesses and spread the word to the world about their awesomeness!

It's super easy. Here's what you do:

  1. Take a picture of current or past support of a local business. (Ordered some take-out or, say, maybe a book from a self-published author and you're sitting down to enjoy it? Or did you buy or make something at a local shop a while back that you're truly appreciating now? Maybe you worked with one of our members at some point and it just went so well that you'd like to give them a shout out?)
  2. Post that picture on your favorite social media outlet.
  3. Mention (tag if you can!) the name of the business you're supporting.
  4. Add #loopincopley_showthelove to your post.

The Loop will be watching on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you can watch, too - you never know what you'll discover! And we might be slightly partial to Loop member businesses but by all means... show the love for any and all of your favorites.

After all, every smile makes a difference in someone's day and goodness knows the world needs all the smiles it can get!

*Last week's email had a link that was intended to take you to a full list of Loop members but, in fact, actually took you to a partial list. Apologies! You can find the full list of Loop members by clicking here.

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