Get to know Brookdale, our new #LoopMember

Since it's located in Montrose, there's a good chance you drive around the general vicinity of Brookdale on a fairly regular basis.

But what do really you know about it?

If your answer wasn't along the lines of "Hey, I [or a close family member] work/live there!" then you should know that it just became a whole lot easier for you to learn more because we're officially welcoming Brookdale Montrose as a new Loop member!

Curious? Just scroll through their Facebook posts to find plenty of pictures of food, field trips, family and friends to give you an idea of the day-to-day of this multi-level-of-care retirement community.

And if you're already ready to look for more detailed info now, it's easy enough to visit their website.

But if you're not ready to learn all that just yet, no worries - the Business page of The Loop's website will be the perfect place to start your research when you are!

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