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I don't remember when I first learned the Danish word hygge (pronounced hue-guh), but it definitely struck a chord when I did.

The way I understand it, hygge boils down to a feeling of coziness and contentment that could come from different things for different people. Maybe it could come from a nap on a warm, sunny beach for some. For others, it could come from tending to their garden on a cool Spring morning.

But for me, it's almost all about the Fall. Baked goods and knitwear, coffee and wine (not necessarily at the same time), and all sorts of things that smell nice...

I was catching up on all our Loop members this week, seeing what they were up to, and it hit me. It's all right here, right in our cozy little community.

Hygge. Everywhere.

And that's a feeling I'm proud to promote.

Speaking of community...

The latest Copley Connection will be hitting mailboxes soon, but you can check it out right now online! This quarterly newsletter is a valuable source of information regarding things that the Township departments are up to.

And they are up to some good things that are good to know!

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