Final Sunday Concert comes with a movie!

For the Grand Finale of the this season's Sunday Concerts at the Circle, it's a full evening of music and a movie!

First up at 7:00, the Copley Bandstand Committee presents the Rocket 88s to put you in the Rockabilly mood. Then at 8:30, after the band is done, the committee will show "Grease" (the ultimate follow-up movie for the mood) on a giant outdoor video screen!

Just like at the drive-in, you're welcome to bring a picnic or just some snacks but concessions will be available on-site.

This is the first time the committee has arranged for a music-and-movie night and the last Sunday Concert of the season, so pack up your blankets, chairs, and possibly your leather jackets and sweater sets, and we'll see you at the Circle!

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