Feeling stir-crazy? 

So, I don't know about you but the combination of seeing that strange brightness in the sky for, like, days and temps above freezing has me feeling a little bit of Spring Fever. I'm ready to do something totally crazy like grab my mask and get out and about in the world for a bit of retail therapy!

Luckily, I happen to know a few places (both online and brick-and-mortar) that are perfect for just such a mood...

I strolled through the sites to see what all our Loop Members have happening these days and came up with a handful or two of highlights to share:

Between The Seams was the first to really point out that Spring is just around the corner and that now's a good time to get them going on those custom patio cushions!

Breakaway Coffee Roasters has their Columbian and Kenyan on sale right now (something I may or may not have discovered yesterday when I was in the mood for a really good cup of coffee...).

Cardinal Cakes and Coffee keeps on killin' it with their growing and expanding! Did you see they just announced they now have CANNOLI??

Jacobs Heritage Farm has one of my personal favorite feeds (in no small part because of all the cute animal photos and videos) and right now she's got me wanting to buy ALL the soaps.

The Market Path the First Saturday Sale is in our sites but if you're looking for Mexican jewelry, you don't have to wait because it's all 20% for the month of February!

Senn's Custom Laser Engraving seems to have been quite busy making those laser-engraved barrel tops lately! Feels like a must-have for all the new in-home bar areas out there, doesn't it?

Uniquely Inspired Gift Baskets recently announced a new line of Black History Custom Gifts, full of awesome t-shirts and totes, but have I ever mentioned the Essential Worker line? Both are well worth checking out!

The Winery at Wolf Creek announced that tickets for their annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt will go on sale March 1st. Those tickets always sell out super fast so be ready! And, hey, heads-up to you Looper Community Subscribers out there... you'll find it worth your while to check your inbox that morning for the March Looper News before you go buying those tickets!

And last but most certainly not least, if you're in the mood to shop but maybe want to shop for someone else, The Copley Outreach Center always has a need for help in that department. They post particular needs regularly on their Facebook page and have created an Amazon Wish List to make it easy to help your friends and neighbors.

Because that, my friends, is what community and The Loop are all about.

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