Everyone makes mistakes…

It's been said that the surest way to find spelling and grammar errors is to hit "Send".

Me..? I don't always find them but other people often do! I am, in fact, my own worst proofreader. My mind knows what it wants to say and so my eyes assume my fingers do, too.

My eyes really should know better by now.

I've been known on occasion to use the wrong day, month, or day of the week in the list of happenings thanks to my use of templates and copy-and-paste shortcuts. And spellcheck is generally my friend but we all know it doesn't help if the misspelling is an actual word!

And, as I was reminded a few weeks ago, my photo/design editor doesn't actually have spellcheck so when my eyes missed the fact that my finger missed the "e" while typing "Copley", I was grateful for the one kind reader who let me know.

Because while it may have been too late to correct what went to subscriber inboxes, it's never too late to correct what's posted on the website!

As I sat there kicking myself for the error, I also found myself mulling over an idea that I eventually decided I just couldn't NOT do.

From here on out, you might want to pay very close attention to what you're reading because you just might score yourself a free t-shirt!

I've decided that the first person to catch any such spelling or grammar errors or any mistakes in days/dates/times in the weekly newsletter and to email me to point it out gets a t-shirt that says #proofimareader. It's my way of saying thank you for being my post-"Send" proofreaders.

For my sake, I really hope my eyes have learned a valuable lesson. But for your sake... good luck and happy reading!

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