Don’t let the cold keep you home!

It finally looks and feels like Winter outside, but that's no reason to stay holed up at home. Especially when it means we can finally celebrate with a Winterfest Pop-Up this weekend!

Since the weather has thrown wrenches into Winterfest plans the past few years, Copley Township and the Bicentennial Committee have been waiting for the weather to cooperate in order to plan this year's Winterfest fun. It looks like Sunday's the day! Follow the Facebook event page for the most updated information but be sure to get the family ready for some sledding fun with friends that afternoon.

Of course, that's not until Sunday and it's not the only reason to get out of the house this week! You can enjoy popcorn or planning, mystics or music, or even revel in the reopening of a Sassy store.

Links for of these happenings can be found in the event list below. Click to learn more, then get out there and show Winter that you're not one to hide inside when there's fun to be had!

This week:

Every day through Thursday, January 31

Wednesday, January 16

Thursday, January 17

Friday, January 18

Saturday, January 19

Sunday, January 20

Next week:

Every day through Thursday, January 31

Monday, January 21

Tuesday, January 22

Wednesday, January 23

Thursday, January 24

Saturday, January 26

Plus...Monday, January 28

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