Did you know..?

The Township is full of untold stories and hidden treasures.

For instance, did you know that Jodi from The Sassy Sunflower is an art teacher in Akron? She understands the pride we all feel in our schools and is having a special class on Saturday to help us show it. She's also having a special sale and celebration for the people who work so hard to make our schools what they are!

Speaking of sales, The Market Path offers one on the first Saturday of every month and the first of the month just happens to be this weekend. That means it's an excellent time to explore the world of fair trade and handmade treasures - you'll always find something you haven't seen before!

And just as you never know what you're going to see at The Market Path, you never know what you're going to hear at an open mic night! Copley Coffee & Games has open mic nights every few Tuesdays. Their appreciation for live, acoustic music means they're also happy to welcome back Carmen Kelley this Sunday.

Of course, when it comes to welcoming, few Chambers of Commerce are more welcoming than the Copley Chamber of Commerce! That even holds true, despite the need for speed, during their morning speed-networking events at Bomba Tacos & Rum.

Now, those morning events may be a bit early to enjoy some rum but the class at The Winery at Wolf Creek on Saturday morning isn't too early to enjoy painting your wine glass! It's not even too early for the theme of St. Patrick's Day because that day is right around the corner.

So now that the story of this week has been told, it's time to learn more about the events below and head out to the shops that are right around the corner to find those hidden treasures!

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