Count one more with Smarter Solutions

It's been so exciting around The Loop as of late, welcoming five new members over the course of four weeks...

Well, today we make it six over the course of five thanks to the addition of Deanna Periard and Smarter Solutions Tutoring!

This one is pretty prime, especially given the side effects of the last 13 months. After all, not everyone has been able to fully process all the random variables we've had to factor in, and parents everywhere are worried about their kids falling behind.

Or, hey, some students may have found their stride and are starting to look for new challenges!

Whatever reason, whatever age, and even whatever time of year, students can find help reaching their academic goals thanks to Smarter Solutions, particularly in the areas of mathematics, the sciences, and study skills.

My only parental tip is this: if you slip some tutoring in on your kids over the summer to catch up, get ahead, or hone those study skills (a completely reasonable parental action to take, I might add), maybe balance out their complaints with reasons for good cheer. I might have a few places to recommend...

Plus: Two and counting with The Market Path

Through all these weeks of welcomes, we almost missed a wish of a happy anniversary! The Market Path recently celebrated two years as a Loop Member.

Know what I love about The Market Path? They're good people selling cool things in support of the good cause of fair trade. That's just all-around awesome.

Stop by, say "hi", and wish them a happy anniversary very soon!

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