Copley Heritage Days: Loop Tent

Since 2019 (with a slight pause in 2020), The Loop In Copley has hosted a tent during Copley Heritage Days, inviting the community to come in and get to know a few of our Loop Members and to participate in a Community Art Project, and we're at it again in 2022!

This year's project will involve white ceramic tiles, permanent markers, and rubbing alcohol for everyone to create their own individual artworks that will cover the table top and two seats of a stainless steel picnic table made by Akron artist John Comunale.


For full Copley Heritage Day information (including schedule, parking, and a complete list of participants), please visit


2019 Community Art Project

In 2019, a collage was created based on the responses to the question, "What's your favorite thing about Copley Township?” " That collage was then transferred onto 120 small canvases and community members were invited to paint a canvas. Thanks to the efforts of Thomarios and Angela Nicholson of Top Flite Financial, the completed artwork is expected to be installed (in a location TBD) in time for Copley Heritage Days 2022.

2021 Community Art Project

In 2020, two stainless steel picnic table frames were made by Akron artist John Comunale. Residents were asked to donate tiles, broken ceramic pieces, gems and general "bits and bob" to create a mosaic table. This first table is in the process of being completed and prepared for its permanent home, while the second table will be used for the 2022 project.