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I'm sure you've seen me say this before but it bears repeating... of the many things I love about what I do, meeting cool people who are doing cool things is way high up there on the list, along with collecting their stories and sharing bits of those stories with you.

I recently met two such people and today's my first chance to share as we welcome them both to The Loop as our newest Maker Members!

First up is Christina Terhune of Chubby Worm Art. Some of the cool things that Christina's done include studying neuroscience at Bowling Green, becoming a self-taught artist and illustrator, and self-publishing an absolutely adorable children's book! "Red the Raccoon Weathers the Storm" has a message of turning fears into fun that absolutely melts my heart.

Her Etsy shop is full of "cute and nerdy" things like stickers and paintings and prints, but she's also been known to do personalized commissions. In fact, if you've been following SHE Did It Videography on the socials then you've seen the dead-on drawings (right down to the Toms) of fellow Loop Member, Jenny Young!

(Side note: She recently completed a series of dragons for every season and while Fall might be my favorite season, I think Winter might be my favorite dragon. Or maybe Spring. I can't decide.)

We also welcome Heather Lentz of Koi Botanicals and Heather's done lots of cool things, too! She happens to have a degree in biology, 17 years of experience in clinical and research labs, she studied herbalism, and she has two health coach certifications. She took all that knowledge and experience and created Koi "to use the combined powers of nature and science to blend original, balanced skincare products that deliver noticeable results".

I started following Koi on the socials a while back and just love how she shares not only tips and tricks about different ways to use her products, but also tips and tricks about different ways to use herbs in your everyday. Sadly for my sore feet, her post about steeping fresh peppermint for a footpath came just a couple of days after Heritage Day but it's a tip worth noting for the future!

(Side note: She has a Hibiscus Baobab Flawless Facial Oil which, according to a recent post on her Facebook page, can be used on both your skin AND hair AND it just happens to be on sale right now...)

Help me welcome both these cool people to The Loop by doing some clicking around and learning more about both them and the cool things they do. You'll be glad you did!


And, hey, let's see what you did!

It was so much fun watching everyone play with the mortar, gems, and tiles to create mosaics on a picnic table crafted by Akron artist, John Comunale!

So much fun, in fact, that the pictures below of my son tacking together the 2019 project for viewing, my husband and Loop Member Erin Johnson of eXp Realty having fun placing pieces on this year's project, and the table all loaded up for hauling away... well, those are just about the only pictures I thought to take.

If you took any pictures on Saturday of either project (or really of anything during Heritage Days) that you would like to share, we'd love to see them!

Send sharable photos to or post to Instagram and tag @loopincopley. Photo credit will be given with any photos shared!

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