Continuing a magical trend

Those of you following along at home may have noticed that it's been a busy few months around The Loop. We've welcomed 10 new members in the past four months, eight of those in just the past two!

Today, we get to welcome yet one more, and it's the perfect one more for continuing this magical trend: Design Wizard, Inc.

(See? It's in the name!)

Shauna is the Design Wizard and she joins us as one of our brand new Maker Members, that happenin' group of local people making cool things and selling them to friendly folk.

Some of the cool things Shauna makes can be found in her Etsy shop - things like fun t-shirts, totes, baby onesies, decals, and travel mugs. If you're in the market for such things (special shoutout to those who might be into Tiger King, Pokemon, or coffee themes 😉), definitely hop on over and check it out!

While you're there, keep in mind that Shauna is the Design Wizard and as such, capable of conjuring up that something special that you're looking for and just can't seem to find. And if that something special happens to be more of a "professional service" than a "fun shopping" need, she's got a website for that, too!

For those of you who maybe haven't kept up with the new member updates lately (we understand, life happens), just remember that the website's always open for you to click around and peruse the list of all Loop Members, or even to zero in on the MakersDestinations, or Businesses to see who's new in The Loop.

Speaking of updates...

The Loop would like to announce that CalendarEmployment, and Volunteer listings are now open to non-members, too!

That means that anyone with an event, a job opening, or a volunteer need that might be of interest to people in and around the area of Copley Township can simply visit the page of need and click where it says "click here" for more information plus a short form to submit.

Easy peasy!

This week:
Tuesday, October 6

Thursday, October 8

Next week:
Tuesday, October 13

Wednesday, October 14

Thursday, October 15

Saturday, October 17

Plus...Monday, October 19

Blank 2000 x 500

Do you have a business or work with an organization that should be in The Loop? We'd love to have you! Click here for membership information and contact Allison Chrien at to get the ball rolling.

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