Colorful fun for your mid-winter blues!

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For the most part, we've had a pretty mild winter in Copley so far. Not exactly the usual January of trudging through mounds of snow or struggling to breathe in the face of sustained negative wind chills.

But, man, a little more need for the sunglasses sure would be nice!

That's why I'm particularly excited to welcome our newest Loop member, Party'n With Plants - her beautifully bright garden kits are a sight for sore eyes in the midst of all the bleakness!

Not only that, but there are levels of social interaction to suit every personal need, from ordering your kit online and putting it together all by your lonesome at home to something in a more social (public or private) workshop option.

Personally, I'm kinda wishin' I had one of those Ocean Zen Gardens right about now to rake patterns into and help me think the deep thoughts. A Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Terrarium would be cool, too, because you can get an itty bitty hedgehog with it and itty bitty hedgehogs are just plain adorable.

So if you're reading this while the sun is shining, get out there and enjoy right now while it lasts!! Then come right back in and check out Party'n With Plants to add that splash of color to these dreary mid-winter days.


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