Call it Composite Days

Today, I learned something.

(Well, technically, I almost certainly learned it in school back in the day but I've not exactly thought much about it during the decades since so just go with me here.)

I learned that the opposite of a prime number is a composite number. According to "In math... (w)hole numbers that are not prime are composite numbers, because they are divisible by more than two numbers."

So one might/could maybe say that Primes are content to stand virtually alone, without any real need for assistance from smaller numbers, while Composites are a group of smaller numbers that have come together to create something bigger.

Hm. On a totally (un)related note...

Word around the interwebs is that there's some sorta big online shopping day thingy happening today and tomorrow, the 13th and 14th. There's a name for these days but since that thingy happening has no real need for assistance from us, we here at The Loop are going to have our own days and call them "Composite Days" instead.

These will be the days to remember the small, local businesses that have come together to create something bigger.

At the time of this writing, The Loop In Copley is made up of 28 such businesses and the local organizations that support the community cause. We invite you to join us in celebrating #CompositeDays with some local love and by remembering to always be one of their numbers!

This week:
Tuesday, October 13

Wednesday, October 14

Friday, October 16

Saturday, October 17

Next week:

Monday, October 19

Tuesday, October 20

Friday, October 23

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Do you have a business or work with an organization that should be in The Loop? We'd love to have you! Click here for membership information and contact Allison Chrien at to get the ball rolling.

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