Loop Member: A business, organization, or self-employed individual that operates in or around Copley Township and would like not only to reach the people of the community, but would also like to support the community's ability to thrive.


The Loop keeps rolling thanks to the membership of local businesses, so help us show our appreciation by getting to know a little bit more about them! In addition to the members found on our Destination page, you'll find local business leaders on the Businesses page and also local people making and selling cool things on the Maker Members page. And if you're looking for local job opportunities to be had, the Employment page is the place to look!

Are you looking for someone to do some work for you or need something in particular and want to support local? Click here for  a selection of service-oriented businesses.

Are you looking for something made by someone but want to keep it local? Click here for a selection of makers making cool things from their home or studio.

Are you looking for a place to work or work openings at a place? Click here for a list of local job opportunities.

If you or someone you know would like more information on becoming a member of The Loop In Copley, please visit the Copley Chamber of Commerce website.