Both Sides of the Process

So, here's a question... did you know there's a page on The Loop's website just for job opportunities?

I know a lot of you already know about the Employment page because I see clicks and views and such in my stats. But it occurs to me that maybe some of you out there still didn't know so I wanted to take a moment to point it out.

Because, see, here's the thing... we have a new member this week who happens to have a job opportunity listed on that page and some of you may be the right people for it!

Jantech Building Services, Inc. provides cleaning services for offices and factories throughout Northeast Ohio and they're currently hiring for part-time evening cleaning in an office building near 77 and 18. You can check out that listing on the Employment page if you're headed there already, or you can save a step and click here for the pdf.

Meanwhile, here's another thing to consider... some of you out there might just be sitting on the other side of that process and happen to be the ones doing the hiring!

If so, contact me anytime at for info on how you can list your opportunities, too.

And we have another new member that those particular some of you might just need to know! Alpha Background Investigations specializes in (among a whole host of other things) Pre-Employment Background Checks, Education Verification, Employment Verification, and References.

A warm welcome to both of these two new members, and may people on both sides of the hiring process find just what they need in The Loop!


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