Because sometimes you just need a quiet place to read…

Copley Coffee and Games has been officially open for just over a month, and it looks like they're filling out their event calendar nicely.

In addition to the occasional musical guest or special event, Tuesday nights became Unplugged Open Mic Nights earlier this month and now Thursdays...Thursdays are for those just looking for a quiet night out with Introvert Book Club Nights!

For those of you unsure of what an Introvert Book Club might entail, it's quite simple: you and a book, enjoying peace and quiet with absolutely no expectations of discussion, and a room full of others looking to enjoy the same.

No pressure, just some alone time with soft music and easy access to yummy treats. Maybe a nook with poofy pillows to curl up in.

And, of course, it's not a problem if you show up without a book. With over 30 shelves of books at Copley Coffee to choose from, you can surely find something to pique your interest!

For more information on these and any of the other events happening around Copley this week (and next), follow the links below.

This week:

Every day through Thursday, January 31

Tuesday, January 22

Wednesday, January 23

Thursday, January 24

Saturday, January 26

Next week:

Every day through Thursday, January 31

Monday, January 28

Sunday, February 3

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