Ayusa International

American Host Family Opportunity:
Your family selects the student right from you
No legal liability for student
Students are funded by their family. Have money for school supplies, sports, clothing, personal items, travel, etc.
Provide a bed. Students can share a room
3 meals a day. If prefer school lunch to packing, they cover that cost
Have American cells and medical insurance they pay for
Students vetted for English fluency, maturity, GPA levels
Live by your household rules as family member. Do chores
Every family dynamic welcome. Single, Married, Kids or No Kids, Retired, LGTBQ+


Ayusa High School and Post Graduate Programs for Americans:
Ayusa International offers the host-family experience in the U.S. but multiple opportunities for American students or post-graduates to study or work abroad. American family who hosts a German exchange student receives a significant discount to send their American student for the German high school program.

In Germany:
High School
- Semester or Academic Year.
Base level German preferred prior to starting school.

College Students – Internships in all areas of study/industry.
8 weeks and longer.
No German language requirement.
Sophomore, Junior, Senior or recent college graduates.

Au Pair (18-26 years old)
No German language requirement.
6 – 12 month assignments. 30 hour work week.
Paid, flights, insurance package, paid vacation days, room and board, German language training.
Prior childcare experience preferred. Families are English speaking.
Local Ayusa support staff in regular contact.

Tutor English
(18-99 years old)
No German language required, basic German recommended.
1 – 3 month assignments. 15 hour work week.
Native English speaker, enjoy teaching. Prior experience beneficial.
Room and board, paid, monthly transportation ticket, free time.
Local Ayusa support staff in regular contact.

Summer Language Camp in Japan
June 23, - July 14, 2023 / dates vary for future years
15 – 19 years old. No Japanese language requirement.
Learn Japanese through an immersive cultural experience.
Visit high schools, volunteer activities, cooking classes, travel to major sites

Gigi Gerstenberger, U.S. Programs Advisor and Ohio Representative | (248) 425-8902 | ggerstenberger@ayusa.org

Visit the Ayusa International website: ayusa.org